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Message from T&P COORDINATOR

The Training and Placement Cell is committed to the professional progress of students through integrating the career issues within an academic environment for realizing their best possible career path.


The vision of the Training and Placement Cell is to increase the employability skills of students at the institutional and industrial levels. To furnish our students with relevant and conceptualized professional skills and guide them towards a bright future and career all around the globe with values of genuineness, hard work, and justice.


The mission we are focusing on is on training the students for the needs of the industries and providing the best opportunities available and not only acts as a facilitator for training and placement but also working towards the overall development of the students. The mission is also to build on the tradition of learning, cultivate a culture of excellence, and create an ambiance in which new ideas and creativity flourish.

The goal of the placement cell is as follows:

  1. To reduce the gap between candidate skills + knowledge and the industry needs.
  2. To motivate and guide students to make smart career choices.
  3. To provide an education that transforms students through rigorous coursework and by providing an understanding of the needs of society and industry.
  4. To enable them to become ethical professionals with diverse skills.


Our objective is to facilitate the process of of placement & ensure that each eligible student gets an opportunity.

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