Electronics and Communication Engineering

Course Structure

Core Course

S. No. Course Code
1 Computer Based Numerical Technique TCS301
2 Electronic Devices and Circuits TEC301
3 Digital Electronic and Design Aspects TEC302
4 Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation TEC303
5 Network Analysis and Synthesis TEE301
6 Engineering Economics THM301
7 Electronics Circuits Lab PEC351
8 Digital Electronics Lab PEC352
9 Measurement Lab PEE353
10 Electro Magnetic Field Theory TEC401
11 Analog Integrated Circuits TEC402
12 Computer Organization and Architecture TCS403
13 Signal and Systems TEC404
14 Analog Communication TEC405
15 Solid State Devices and Semiconductor Materials TEC406
16 Analog Integrated Circuit Lab PEC451
17 Circuit Design on PCB PEC452
18 Analog Communication Lab PEC453
19 Automatic Control Systems TEC501
20 Digital Signal Processing TEC502
21 VLSI Technology TEC503
22 Advanced Microprocessors TEC504
23 Antenna And Wave Propagation TEC505
24 Concepts of Programming & OOPS TCS507
25 Advanced Microprocessors Lab. PEC551
26 Concepts of Programming and OOPs(C++, Java) Lab. PCS554
27 DSP Lab PEC552
28 Microwave Techniques TEC601
29 VLSI Circuit Design TEC602
30 Telecommunication Switching Systems TEC603
31 Digital Communication TEC604
32 Data Structures Using C++ TCS607
33 Principles of Management THU608
34 Digital CommunicationLab. PEC651
35 Data Structure Lab. PCS-654
36 Microwave Communication Lab PEC652
37 Optical Fiber Communication TEC701
38 Electronics Switching TEC702
40 Wireless Communication TEC801
41 Data Communication Networks TEC802
42 CAD of Electronic Circuits Lab PEC851

Elective Course

S. No. Course Code
1 Digital System Design Using VHDL TEC011
2 Optoelectronics TIC011
3 Artificial Neural Networks TEC013
4 Speech Processing TEC014
5 Principles of Secure Communication TEC021
6 Spread Spectrum Systems TEC022
7 Fundamentals of Radar & Navigation TEC023
8 Satellite Communication TEC024
9 Embedded Systems TEC031
10 Adaptive Signal Processing TEC032
11 Reliability Engineering TEC033
12 Biomedical Signal Processing TEC034
13 Random Signal Theory TEC041
14 VLSI Design TEC042
15 Optical Networks TEC043
16 Digital Image Processing TEC044

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