Electronics and Communication Engineering

About Us

Electronics & Communication Department at Nanhi Pari Seemant Institute of Technology has consistently served as a genesis of engineers of excellent caliber in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering for more than a decade now. It proudly savors the reputation of being one of the best departments in shaping the students for the field in which they are going to serve. As being one of the oldest Self financing institutions in this region, students of this EC branch became entrepreneurs and corporate heads – the vivid reason being the splendid knowledge that the students are imparted with all facilities.

Mission Vision


To achieve the vision the department will:

  • Establish a unique learning environment to enable the students to face the challenges of the Electronics and Communication Engineering field.
  • Promote the establishment of centres of excellence in niche technology areas to nurture the spirit of innovation and creativity among faculty and students.
  • Provide ethical and value based education by promoting activities addressing the societal needs.
  • Enable students to develop skills to solve complex technological problems of current times and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.


To be recognized by the society at large as an excellent department, offering quality higher education in the Electronics and Communication Engineering field with research focus catering to the needs of the public and being in tune with the advancing technological revolution and changing cultural challenges.

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