Online Degree & Diploma Programme by IIT Madras

IIT Madras is conducting an online B.Sc. Degree in Programming & Data Science with flexible exit points with 3 Levels:

Level 1: Foundational Course
Level 2: Diploma Course in Programming and/or Diploma Course in Data Science
Level 3: Degree in Programming and Data Science

Courses structure and syllabus are equivalent to a regular B.Sc., and the subject material will be taught via online video lectures. There will be forums and live sessions to clear doubts.

To ensure the quality of IIT is not diluted, there will be monthly invigilated quizzes OFFLINE at designated centers across India, with a term exam at the end of 4 months. These exams will be OFFLINE and will carry marks. You must clear them to go forward.

Who are eligible?

  1. You should have Mathematics & English in Class X.
  2. You should have cleared Class XII in 2018 or earlier.
  3. Just in case you cleared Class XII in 2019-2020, you are eligible only if you are enrolled in any bachelor program in any college, or completed a Diploma or CA Inter. (Means you should be enrolled to some campus degree program in some college)
  4. Any College Dropouts are also Eligible to take this course.
  5. There’s no upper age limit.
  6. There’s no location barrier. People from anywhere can take the course.

Who is this course aimed at?

This is an online learning course aimed at improving your existing skillset. Data Science can be applied in any major field, and it can be taken by anyone. Whether you passed XII, completed a bachelor’s, master’s, ongoing Ph.D., doing a job, you may enroll this course as part-time. Entry and Exit are Flexible: You can do the foundational course and exit with a certificate, or with a diploma, or with a B.Sc. Degree. Learn at your own Pace: You get to choose how many subjects you take up for each term: Minimum 1, Maximum 4. You can complete the full course in 2.5 years to 6 years depending on your pace.

Fee Structure

The total fee is given below for completing the entire B.Sc. Degree.

You only pay for the number of subjects that you choose at each term.
If you exit early, you don’t need to pay full.

  • Annual Family Income > 5 LPA: 2.42 Lakhs.
  • Annual Family Income 1-5 LPA: 1.21 Lakhs.
  • Annual Family Income < 1 LPA: 60.5k.

Detailed Fee Breakups Available on their website.

How to Enter?

Unlike regular entrance exams, there’s an interesting way to enter this course:

  1. You need to register and fill the application form before 15th September at 10 am. (Cost Rs3000)
  2. From 5th October to 2nd November: You will be given weekly Course Materials in 4 Subjects for a month.
  3. You need to go through them and submit weekly assignments to get a Hall Ticket for a Qualifier Examination.
  4. An OFFLINE Qualifier Exam will take place on 21st / 22nd November based on these 1-month course taught to you.
  5. Only those who pass the qualifier examination are eligible to join IIT Madras under the Foundational Course. Only then you need to start paying per subject you take.

Furthermore, the Week 1 contents of all 4 subjects have already been released on their website, you can go see them understand the level of depth of subjects taught at IIT.

Check out their official website for the entire details:
Learn about the Academics Process here:

Remember the last date to apply is 15th September.
That’s all. Thanks for reading.


Is this degree valid?

It will be a regular B.Sc. degree from IIT-Madras. Only the course material is taught in online-mode. The assessments are offline and will be of IIT grade. Hence, the degree will be at par with other B.Sc. degrees.
But still, a personal opinion, it’s better not to make this a primary goal, and keep it as a skill enhancement option only.

Campassing Opportunities?

IIT has been in touch with industries and will be organizing Campassing in all major cities to facilitate the students passing out with the Degree.

Masters Course?

IIT has planned for a M.Sc. course (either on-campus or online) for the future. Not happening now.

Why B.Sc. and not B.Tech?

Until old education policy online courses were only possible with B.Sc. In the new education policy, B.Tech might be possible. IIT is looking into it for the upcoming years. Not happening now.

Will IIT campus facilities be available?


Will IIT Digital facilities be available?

Yes. IITM Institutional Email will be provided. Library facilities will be available. Journals etc. can be accessed.

Any other privileges?

Well-performing students will be called to IIT-M for on-campus boot camps. There will be regional boot camps as well in different cities.

Can this course be taken simultaneously with B.Tech?

Yes, you can simultaneously do both the degree.

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