CT-2 Exam Instructions(Exam Keys)


  • Use Computer/mobile and internet for giving exam.
  • Open Exam.net
  • Enter Exam key according to your time table.
  • Fill the Required Information.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Class
    • Email
    • Phone No.
    • Student ID(University Roll No.)
  • Fetch the Exam
  • Total Time for Exam is 1.5 hr. and subject carries 50 marks. Timer will start after fetching exam
  • No One will allow to close the window before submitting the exam. If someone close the window
    in between exam paper will get automatically submitted.
  • You have to write your answer in this format.
    • Ques 1- C
    • Ques 2- A
    • Ques 3- D
  • After answering the questions, click on submit button.

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